The Language of Desire Review

Have you ever felt undesirable in your life? If so, you don’t need to worry about anything because you are not alone. From the recent studies, it has been identified that millions of people who live in every corner of the world come across issues when sustaining their relationships. The Language of Desire has been designed for such individuals.

What is The Language of Desire?

The Language of Desire is a guide that is specifically designed for women. It can help a woman to discover the secrets of attraction and have a better understanding about men. In fact, the information you get from The Language of Desire can be used to strengthen your relationships and experience all the benefits that are associated with a fulfilling, sultry and passionate relationship. You will be able to understand all the secrets behind a sensual relationship through The Language of Desire. In addition, you will get the opportunity to unlock all the secret fantasies of your partner and make him want you.

Who is the author of The Language of Desire?

The Language of Desire was created by Felicity Keith. She is not a popular author, psychologist or a guru. She is just a 42 year old mother, who discovered what was lacking in her sex life after an embarrassing moment with her own partner. Then she started a mission to change it and her strategy became a success. That’s why she thought of sharing her success story with other women along with the tips that she used.

Who is it for?

The Language of Desire is a well-organized course and the women who follow it will not have to face any difficulties when understanding the content. In fact, the content has been divided into 10 categories for your convenience. You will be able to find an mp3 audio file for all these sections. Therefore, even a woman who is packed with a tight schedule can think of purchasing it as she can listen to the content on the go.

The Language of Desire can be recommended for any woman who is in any stage of a relationship. If you are simply dating around or you are deeply committed towards a relationship, you can think of following this guide. You can even spend your money on this guide if you are not dating anyone at the moment. The information you get from it can definitely assist you to look for the perfect partner without any hassle.

Final Words

As you can see, The Language of Desire can be considered as one of the best guides available out there for the modern world women. You will get to know about some useful seduction and relationship strengthening tips that you have not heard from anywhere else. It comes along with some impressive bonuses as well and you can also go through them to enhance your knowledge and get the confidence to strengthen your relationships.

Talking Dirty Examples and Phrases

Most of us have experienced the power of how talking dirty can transform mundane sex into sizzling hot animalistic sex.  And lets face it, who doesn’t like that sort of sex?
Unfortunately for some of us, we lack the confidence to initiate dirty talk for fear of coming off as a freak or saying something that will put the other person off.  Usually women won’t initiate dirty talk as most women are submissive, so if you are in this situation and you are male, then this poses a real problem.

We have received lots of requests for talking dirty examples so I thought that today we would provide you some talking dirty phrases to kick you off on your journey to becoming a master of the bedroom.

Talking dirty is often as much about the situation you create as the words that come out of your mouth. It’s rarely what you say that matters, more HOW you say it.

Things to consider before choosing what to try:

  • How do you want to come across? Dominant or submissive?
  • What is your aim? To rejuvenate a stale relationship or to tease someone?
  • What role does your partner usually take or are they taking? Dominant or submissive?

Most people like to change things up a bit so the answers to the above questions will depend on the situation.  After all, no one is always happy or always sad.


With these things in mind, here are some dirty talking examples:

  • At the next party/social gathering, take note of when your partner has gone inside to get a drink or gone to the toilet, follow them and when they are heading back outside, pull them into the nearest empty room and push them up against the wall.  Place your knee/thigh between their legs, press your body against theirs and kiss them on the neck passionately, then whisper to them that: “…as soon as you get them home, they better be ready for a fun time…”  Then stop and walk away.  If you would rather come across submissive, instead get to your knees and kiss their stomach and beg that they have their way with you when you get home, don’t let them leave until they agree.
  • If your partner is taking the dominant role in an encounter, be sure to pander to all of their needs, call them “master” and keep yourself lower than them.  Act helpless and worship their body as if it was the most precious gift known to man.  This will send them crazy with power.
  • Before going out, establish a rule that if you sms your partner the word “now” that they must follow you inside to somewhere private and do a dare of your choosing.  Either partner can initiate this at any time.  You should start the dares as something small, ask them for a passionate kiss, or ask them to let you feel their ass for 20 seconds.  Then move onto more dirty things like taking their unaware off and letting you keep it in your pocket until you get home.  It is important you establish some boundaries for this game as you don’t want to go too overboard, but if done properly, this amounts to some very long foreplay for what should be an explosive episode when you get home.

There are some great variations to these talking dirty examples that I am sure you could come up with.  As you can see its all about the attitude and cheekiness and not so much about what is said.  Let the passion take you.

While these are great little games to play with your partner, these dirty talk examples are just the beginning of what you can do with some well placed dirty talk.  Learn the art of dirty talk today with this great how to guide and get your partner begging for more sex in no time.

What to Say When Talking Dirty – How to Talk Dirty in Bed

Are you looking to learn how to talk dirty to a guy and make your boyfriend, husband or the guy you are keen to get into bed, shake at the knees?

Becoming a master at dirty talk can quickly spice up your sex life and have your man begging you for more. Let’s look at how you can become a master of talking dirty and make your partner want you more than you thought was possible.

Bring Out Your Naughty Little Devil

The most important factor when talking dirty to a guy is confidence. Confidence is the key to say what you want and deliver it with passion and heat that will blow his mind. If you are new to talking dirty or don’t have the confidence to bring out your naughty little sex devil you need to know that for men, it isn’t always what you say but how you say it!

Men love dirty talk – think about how many guys call up those expensive chat lines, the truth is talking dirty can push a man’s buttons so fast that he will be ready to go!

What you need to remember is that your guy will appreciate and love whatever you say, no matter if it comes across the wrong way because of nerves or and lack of confidence. The key really is to start slow and work your way up as you gain confidence and understand what pushes your man’s buttons.

Get your Sexting on:

Sending naughty text messages to a guy can really get him fired up fast while he is at work or out with friends. Sending text messages is a great way to test the waters without feeling anxious about it all. Anticipation is where excitement is born, the fact is that planting an image in his mind can have him weak at the knees, hard below the equator and excited as hell to see you next.

There are many different approaches when starting out. You can take an assertive approach or a submissive one, either way you need to think about what you guy loves sexually and use it to your advantage.

Men LOVE having their ego stroked and feeling as if they are a sex god.  With the submissive approach you can tell him that you are his sex slave and he can do whatever he wants to you or that you will do anything to please him and emphasis the world “anything”.

The assertive approach can also get a guy fired up fast as it will stoke his ego to no end and make him feel like a stud that you are not going to take NO for an answer and that you want your way with him! You can describe how he has no choice but to take what is coming to him, this is extremely effective because your man will feel as if he is god’s gift between the sheets.

Learn from the pros:

Learning how to talk dirty to a guy is not very difficult, men are very easy creatures to please and will love the fact you are talking dirty to them. You don’t have to whip out the big guns and start using lines probably heard in adult movies when starting out, some guys might be turned off while others will begging for more.

The key is to make him use his imagination and let his ideas and thoughts run wild whether you are right next to him or at work and want to send him a naughty text message.

Think about things that you know he loves doing to you or that you love doing to him. Tell him in detail how you will do those things to him but tease a little as you do it, anticipating an act in the bedroom and craving it is just as much a turn on as the act itself. You can ask him about some of his fantasies and keep them in mind for use later on, remember that being subtle is just as effective as being straight to the point.

Remember, the most important factor is confidence, confidence is king and saying what you feel with passion can have him begging you for more.

A boring and dull sex life is one way for a guy to lose interest in your fast, mastering dirty talk and discovering how to talk dirty to a guy can quickly set the passion into overdrive and have him thinking only about you. Your guy will be eager to return the pleasure you have given him with a big smile on his face. Many women have discovered how this can quickly wrap a guy around their little finger!

How to Talk Dirty to Women

Most guys out there simply have no clue about how to talk dirty to women and hit the right notes.

Unfortunately for most men it is a case of simply telling their girlfriend, wife or gal, what they think they would like to hear and not what is going to push the buttons of the fairer sex.

Let’s look some effective tips and ideas to help you master talking dirty to women and how you can hit a home run each and every time.

The first thing you need to understand when wanting to learn how to talk dirty to women is that women can be just as explicit and raunchy as guys. This is not to say that you should jump straight into some hardcore lines you may have heard in an adult movie but it should give you some food for thought right now.

Confidence is King:

Women love confidence, whether it is your wife or long term girlfriend you must deliver dirty talk with authority and confidence. The last thing you want to be doing is mumbling your words because you are anxious or sitting there wondering what to say next.

Women love feeling beautiful, wanted and appreciated and when it comes to talking dirty to women you should begin to focus on these factors.  Your best bet is to start of slow and work your way up and get a gauge of how she responds, the words play it by ear should be tattooed in your memory. Things can get crazy and pretty hardcore with some women and most men are shocked when they unleash a sex demon so you need to be prepared!

Many women love to feel dominated and for the guy to take control have their way with them. Whatever category your women feels into chances are that she will love a bit of both and mixing things up. Subtle comments can be just as effective to turn a women on then simply trying be as filthy as possible.

They say women “get off” in a different way to men and in some ways that is very true. Women love imaginary and feeling special and wanted, if you are worried how she might respond then you can send her a naughty SMS or email telling her what you want to do to her and see how she responds. Talking dirty in and out of the bedroom can heighten her sexual pleasure tremendously.

You could say something like:

  • “I am going to kiss every inch of your body, starting from your feet and working my way up to your ……. “
  • “I can’t wait to make your shake with pleasure as I run my tongue down from your mouth to your …. until you beg me to stop”
  • “My …. is hard just thinking about how sexy you are and how great your …. feels”
  • “You are so damn hot, I can barely get through work thinking about you wearing ….. “


More Dirty Talk:

You should plant the imagine into her head and make her run with it. You can mix things up by being as descriptive as possible or dropping hints and making her excited in anticipation to what might be coming.
Keep things exciting don’t just keep it to the bed room or text message. You can also whisper something dirty into her ear when she is sitting watching tv, reading a book or calling her when she is out with her friends and telling her what she can expect when she sees you next!

Being creative works wonders, don’t feel anxious or stressed out about it if you aren’t very experienced with talking dirty to women. Once you gain some confidence you will be able to knock it out of the park every time.

The fact is that talking dirty to women is an art form that once mastered can have them weak at the knees and have them wrapped around your little finger. Learn more from this awesome resource:

What to Say When Talking Dirty – How to Talk…

Are you looking to learn what to say when talking dirty? Talking dirty in and outside the bedroom can send the passion in your relationship into overdrive or reignite a flame that as slowly faded.

Whether you are a man or woman looking to impress your partner the fact is that there is no faster, easier and safer way to make your guy or gals knees wobble in excitement than learning how to master the art of talking dirty.
The key to becoming a master of talking dirty is understanding your partner and what pushes his or her buttons. If you want to learn what to say when talking dirty to someone you have just met things can get a little bit more tricky.

The most important factor when talking dirty is to deliver it full of confidence and authority. Imagination is key to delivering dirty talk that will blow his or her mind.

Dirty Talk Everywhere:

You don’t need to leave the dirty talk in the bedroom, in fact you can quickly get his or her blood pressure rising by saying something naughty while you are at work via a text message, whispering something in their ear while out for dinner with friends or when you or your partner is out on the town.

One of the biggest turn-on’s for both men and women is anticipation. Planting the seed into their mind about what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you can have them lusting to see you. You see, the imagination is a powerful weapon to have your partner thinking about all the crazy and naughty things you will both get up to.

If you are looking to learn how to talk dirty in bed then you need to play it by ear and test the waters. You can start off by telling your partner how much they turn you on and how amazing he or she makes you feel. Men and women are different creatures so it is important to know that what might turn you on is not going to necessarily make the opposite sex scream with excitement.

Guys you can try these lines on your women:

“I am going to kiss every inch of you and slide my tongue down your body until I reach your ….. and make you …. until you are shaking and can’t take it anymore”

“Baby you are so hot my …. is so hard just thinking what I want to do to you”

“I am going to lick your … and … until you are begging me to put my …. inside of you”

Girls you can try these lines on your man:

“I am your naughty little sex doll tonight, your wish is my command”

“My …. is so … just thinking about your big hard … and where I want to have it”

“You are so hot, I can’t wait to feel your ….. deep inside my …. and …. and I am not taking no for an answer!”

Get the hottest guide:

Men love having their ego’s inflated whilst most women love feeling wanted, needed and special. While there are no hot and fast rules, the fact is you should start with the basics and work you way up to hot and lustful dirty talk.

Two different approaches you can try when talking dirty in and out of the bedroom is playing the submissive role or the dominate/assertive role. Both work extremely well and it’s for mixing things up and turning up the heat.

Whatever approach you go with you must deliver it with confidence and authority. Don’t worry about it too much, if you can push your partners buttons you will have him or her lusting after you.

How to Talk Dirty – The Hottest Dirty Talk

The art of talking dirty isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. Yes, some people seem to be born with the “dirty-talk” gene but I can assure you this isn’t so.
They too learned how to talk dirty, probably through a lot of trial and error. It all stems from confidence and the ability to be open about you desires and needs. Then all you need is a little bit of imagination to finish it off. It’s important to note that it’s never too late to start learning and that practice makes perfect.

Talking dirty is an extremely under rated, yet powerful, weapon in everyone’s sexual arsenal. Whether you have aspirations of becoming a devil in the bedroom or you’re just looking for the perfect way to reinvigorate a stale relationship, dirty talk is the perfect skill to have.

Once you have mastered how to talk dirty it can easily transform your ‘sexual presence’ and give you that sex appeal you had always dreamed of. After all, confidence in your ability is instantly picked up on by the opposite sex, and nothing screams “I am going to rock your night” like cheeky confidence.

For a complete downloadable resource on dirty talk, click the link and check out: this website here.

So how do you get started?

As with everything the first step is always the hardest: It’s important to find the best technique for your situation. This is more about self confidence and finding your inner sex beast than learning some lame lines that you can half-heartedly deliver. These first steps are designed to get you into the right mindset.
If you have a partner, the easiest way to get into the swing of things is to make a game of it. But before you start it’s important to realize that you will likely feel a little uncomfortable at first.  You should start by talking about your sexual fantasies with your partner to establish what sort of things turn you on.

Each day you should endeavor to make one act of cheeky fun, this could be a sweet but suggestive text message, leaving a note on the pillow or whispering something in your partners ear when in public.  Mix it up a little, and don’t say the same thing over and over – the point is to get comfortable expressing your sexual side before moving on to more raunchy things.

It often helps people to pretend they are courting their partner again, as this gets the imagination going on new and fun ways to impress.

If you are single then I highly recommend practicing on free dating sites. Yes these can often be filled with the sort of people you don’t want to associate with but they are the perfect playground for cheeky fun.  There is no need to meet anyone, but exchanges of banter and sexual innuendo will give you a good grasp on what the opposite sex like and will allow you to trial a few techniques that you can later use in face to face situations.

Learning how to talk dirty will have your confidence sky high and you will attract people that you otherwise thought out of your league, and most importantly, you will have them wrapped around your little finger.

They won’t want to leave because you are so much fun and you make them feel sexy and wanted.

The following tips are a good first step to mastering dirty talk.  You will find that you both feed off each others cheekiness and this will start to become a more natural part of your interactions. Both women and men respond the same way to these techniques, it’s like flicking a switch that turns anyone into an adventurous mood.

Some basic hints for beginners to get both of you in the correct mindset:

  •  Text your partner that you couldn’t take your eyes off them when they were getting dressed this morning and that you can’t wait to see them at home later.
  • At the next outing with your friends, whisper cheeky suggestions about what you would like to do to them when you get home. Be sure to exchange cheeky smiles throughout the night.
  • Be sure to compliment your partner about their best features to keep them in a receptive mood.
  • Start communicating what is feeling good during sex, this will encourage the other person to do the same and will lead to them get more adventurous.

While these are great first steps to get you started, there is a lot more to becoming an expert at dirty talk.  Download this great guide if you want to become a master of the bedroom.